Driver Rehabilitation


page-driverIn the instance of lifelong disability or post injury, physical and/or cognitive impairments may affect a person’s ability to drive safely. AnG Health Services offers driver trained Occupational Therapists to provide driving assessment and ongoing training for individuals with physical, cognitive or visual injuries or disabilities.
A typical return to driving referral consists of:

  • An Off Road assessment/ session to review visual, physical and sensory capacity, observation skills and knowledge of road regulations.
  • An On Road assessment, in a dual brake operated car in the presence of a qualified driving instructor and the OT in order to assess driving capacity and impact of injury on driving.
  • A report detailing finding of assessments and recommendations relating to car modifications, further driving instruction/ lesson plans, and funding outline (where required). The report is distributed to all key stakeholders for review and consideration.
  • Where recommended and approved, ongoing driver education and instruction may ensue.

Please note, the treating Medical Practitioner is provided with the report in order to provide information and recommendation to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.
People with brain injury should not drive before going through this procedure, as insurance companies may not provide cover if it is known that the client was suffering a condition that affected their ability to drive.
AnG Health Services Driver Rehabilitation aims to assist people to return to driving when they are safe and ready.

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